Saturday, June 4, 2011

Polishing Motorcycle

Polishing is the refreshment process of paint conditions, this process is certainly erode the paint, in this case should not erode until the main paint layers. There are many types of polish from low to hight cutting, you have to customize their use according to level scratches.

Here are tips how to polish your  bike

  • wash and dry all surfaces
  • paint surface inspection
  • doing a section, should not be larger than 30x30 cm, perform a circular motion
  • remove heavy scratches by using compound (Hight cutting), the applicator can using a cotton cloth or MF (microfiber)
  • remove medium scratches should first try with a low cutting, if not successful then proceed with cutting hight
  • The last use low cutting polish to the entire surface of the paint (do per section) to remove soft scratches and water spots, this activity will refresh the paint surface, should be performed using MF so as not to cause new scratches.
  • When finished doing protection by using wax or sealant

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