Sunday, May 8, 2011

Auto Detailing Motorcycle

detailing motorbikeDetailing has a lot of understanding, some interpret as an activity to wash, polish and wax. There also are interpreted as activities of cleaning, protection and maintain the overall results already achieved. Cleaning process includes washing and polishing, while the protection is done by wax or sealants and dressings.

I'm still a beginner in detailling so just share for beginners as well, and while specific for motorcycles, this article and the next is the result of reading everywhere as well as personal experience.
To master detailing please understand because I am still a beginner. . . : D

  • Wash
    As it is small thing, but if it is wrong to do it even will damage the surface to be cleaned. Get used to using specific shampoo to wash the vehicle because it was made ​​for caring for the vehicle and use the sponge and the cloth does not scratch the paint.
  • Polish
    Polishing is a process of abrasion some of the paint surface, a lot of polish are sold and have different levels of abrasion, from type ultra-cutting compound until swirl marks remover (soft scratches). Customize use of polish with a part being worked. To polish a whole can be performed 2-3 times a year.
  • Protection
    For the paint surface that is perfect should be coated with a 'wax or sealant' as protector in order to survive much longer, and usually will provide more glossy effect.
    For plastic surfaces, rubber and vinyl should be protected by using dressings or plastic / vinyl protection.
    This protection activities can performed as often as possible (1-2 months)

From these activities are for beginners actually very fundamental is the process of washing, because it deals directly with the maintenance work, mistakes in the washing causing all the other detailling process can not stay long time

Explanation of each process will still be posted next :D

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KameraFoto said...

mantab sobat info nya,..
ane jarang cuci motor sendiri neh,..
coz hujan trus jadi males,.
pake polish ma proteksi juga jarang,.hehe,.

Ladida Cafe said...

manteb nih, saya malah asal2an :P

infoinfo unik said...

wah keren nih infonya sangat bermanfaat nih sob,,,thanks ya

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