Thursday, May 19, 2011

Caring for Motorcycle Chain

Motorcycle chains have a very heavy duty for continue the engine power to the wheels, chains in performing their duties also directly get interference from outside in the form of dust and exposure to water, this can speed up wear and corrosion, so life of the chain is reduced. Here are a few tips for maintenance chain that can be done during free time:
  • Clean chain
    Cleaning the chain is the most important thing for avoid wear caused by dirt. Most chains now use o-ring in it so sensitive to specific solution, for avoid damage to the o-ring preferably use specially cleaning fluid for chain.
    Way of clean is to rotate the wheel slowly while spraying cleaning fluid into sections chain on the rear sprocket, allow 2-3 minutes then use a toothbrush for remove dirt still attached, if necessary, spray again and wipe the cleaning fluid. Cleaning the chain preferably performed once a month or depending on the conditions of use.
  • Lubricate chain
    Lubricate the chain aims to provide lubrication to reduce wear and protect against corrosion, use a specially lubricant for chain in order to avoid undesirable result. Lubricate the chain preferably done once a week or even better after every wash or rained.
    Rotate the wheel slowly while spraying lubricant on the chain into sections the back chain sprocket on right pin chain.
    Wipe excess lubricant on the chain with a cloth, so that liquid lubricants do not dirty the surrounding parts.
  • Adjust chains
    Once completed lubricate, preferably check the chain tension and adjust if necessary.

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