Friday, June 10, 2011

Top commentator widget with range days

This is my first pipes, not original, just modify the pipes that mostly found. My aim in making these pipes because I did not find a top commentator widget for blogger which automatically reset within a specified period of time, so that we can determine for weekly, monthly etc.
In this widget, commentators who are included in the top list will receive an award as free back link dofollow

If you are familiar with Yahoo Pipes, you can clone/copy of this pipes at, and you are free to modify according to your own requirements. If  you are not familiar with Yahoo Pipes, you can learn at
but if you only want to use this widget, you can use the following script:
<script src="">{"pipe_id":"e4754fbed79eb700e2b80adf7541c447","_btype":"list","pipe_params":{"ExcludedNick":"YourNick","BlogUrl":"http:\/\/YourURL","RangeD":"RangeDays","NoTopCommentators":"TopNumb"},"hideHeader":true}</script>

  • YourURL change with  your blog url (without http:)
  • Yournick change with your nick so as not to appear
  • RangeDays change according to your needs in a the number of days
  • TopNumb change with the amount of top commentators that will be displayed
For example:

<script src="">{"pipe_id":"e4754fbed79eb700e2b80adf7541c447","_btype":"list","pipe_params":{"ExcludedNick":"dee","BlogUrl":"http:\/\/","RangeD":"30","NoTopCommentators":"5"},"hideHeader":true}</script>

hopefully useful


seurune said...

nice share friend.. I will try this trick ^^

thank you.. good luck 4 u

Ladida Cafe said...

thanks, I think it's different from other top commentator widget . .

fbcom said...

thanks for your tips bro
where i can to see demo for this tips?

ijial said...

you can see at my side bar this blog, or you can try at, you can copy/clone/modify, and can put as gadget from there too

Er'end said...

Saya simpan dulu scriff-nya kawan,aya langsung ke Yahoo Pipes,Thanks for this useful information!

infoinfo unik said...

wah manteb nih infonya,,, ijin copy scriptnya sahabat

ijial said...

@Er'end & infoinfo unik : sip, mau dimodifikasi sendiri juga boleh kok

All About Anime said...

I hope my blog is appear on top commentator here :D

Self Sagacity said...

could I add the range day to the code below? If so how should I add? Thank you.
{left out the script part since the comment doesn't accept.}
< src="
&ExcludedNick1= Self Sagacity
&ShowHowMany= 10

Ubey said...

hye there. tq for the code. i made a little adjustment to remove the word "powered by yahoo pipes".u can go to my link below.

ijial said...

@Self Sagacity: I think you can modify and add more "ExcludedNick" from my pipe
@Ubey: thx for share

mc4 said...

makasih buat infonya

Suljevi said...

THX for this man

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mathewreegan said...

re comment it and keep on commenting

Mas Adhie said...

nice share friend :-)

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Rani said...

good work dude best of luck!!!

Kanyi said...

Worked for me..nice one dude

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