Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Must create a new aquarium

Memories of My Marine Aquarium Fish - 2/4
Just a records about learning experience marine aquarium from zero

(April 2007)

Feeling there is no more that can be done with the aquarium 140 liters, because my house is narrow and narrow tank too, there should be a new place that can make me free to experiment, the most reasonable choice is my mother house, so I continue  experimenting at there. March 2007 began to build a 200 liter aquarium, its details are not much different: 8cm sea sand, 5 death rock, 5 live rock, wet biological aquarium filter on the side partition, power head Ginga 1800, hang-on skimmer Jebo 180, fluorescent lamp 20wattx3, 24hrs timer for lighting.

According to theory the number of watt lamp is still too small, but the coincidence of strategic place in front of the window, without light was already quite bright.

hang-on skimmer jebo 180

200 lt reef aquarium with fish and coral - dee jee

This time do not be careless again, I have to admit that the nitrogen cycle is happen, thank God after nearly two months only two fish that died, was really an achievement for me. After reading, according to the theory of the nitrogen cycle will be stable after 3-6 months, hopefully aquarium inhabitants will be fine.

The sequence to start the aquarium:
  • Prepare the Aquarium
  • Prepare a media filter, light, timer, power heads (circulation pump), the circulation pipe, skimmer, sand and rock death. Arrange dathrock as a base to be decorated, then fill with sand, the goal for rock is not easy to collapse because directly at the bottom of the aquarium.
  • Fill in the filter with filter media in the form of gravel and bio ball.
  • Install power head, the circulation pipes, lights and skimmer.
  • Fill in sea water and then run the circulation and lighting, lighting should be 8-12 hours a day by using the 24HR Timmer.
  • Minimum 1 week after the new system runs may be filled with life rock and 1-2 fish, for the first two months should not add the expensive fish, and the addition of 1-2 fish at intervals of 1-2 weeks. After 1 month can inserted coral, plants and fungi.

Most importantly, do not force your tank become a zoo!

After learning more, my aquarium become difficult to develop, even though many experiments that can be done in this hobby. Many DIY projects are fun and can be done. I am very interested to make a protein skimmer, Denitrator, Sulphur Reactor, perhaps even Kalkwasser and chiller or the other.
The only solution move the filter and the sump, separate from the aquarium so that all the experiments can be done in the sump and filter, so main aquarium is not become bad view.

Decision filters and sump created outside the room, so had to make holes at aquarium and wall for pipelines and cables, and also have to disassemble the filter side. Fortunately glazier want to come home, punching holes in the aquarium. PVC Pipe 1" to flow into the filter and ½" pipe to pump flow into the tank, quite a long time I broke into the walls and install the pipe, before I did not ever do that kind of this. I just try it, also really cool.

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