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Aquarium marine fish is cool

Memories of My Marine Aquarium Fish - 1/4
Just a records about learning experience marine aquarium from zero

(March 2007)

I began studying marine aquarium fish, I actually got interested since elementary school, that time I often visited a friend who has a fairly large marine aquarium, and quite varied contents. I can only admire that time, too many things that I could not possibly have a saltwater aquarium. In June 2006 I hooked again be interest, after knowing there is a seller marine fish near my home. July is my daughter's birthday and she was obsessed with fish, so I am minded to give her marine fish aquarium.

It's really great I started from zero this hobby, there is no reading material, do not have friends which have this hobby, and certainly do not have any knowledge about the aquarium. First learned from fish sellers, which get 50% knowledge and 50% more being lied so that I bought fish :-p.

nano saltwater aquarium fish 12lt

Because really do not understand, I started Aquarium with a size of 12 liters, using external hang-on filters, base using sea sand, two death rock, I'm fill with 4 small fish, a anemone, a coconut worms, shrimp and fed only pellets. I'm just starting to learn, on day-4 fish in it died all because of forgotten turn on the filter after cleaning. I tried again with the same fish, thank God it survive more than two months, after that I upgraded a 140 liters Aquarium in August 2006.

140 lt salt water aquarium

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