Friday, December 3, 2010

How to Caring Battery RC Helicopter

Maybe you already  familiar with playing a RC Helicopter , but there is nothing wrong  reading the following battery maintenance tips

how to maintening lipo battery rc helicopter
  • Battery RC Helicopter (heli) has type Lipo, is a battery that has many advantages, but also many shortcomings, so it should be handled well
  • Get used to save the Heli in a safe place , be on the shelves, cabinets or on the insert in his box and not exposed to direct sunlight
  • Perform charging Heli battery according to the instructions, watch the indicator, if it is fully charged immediately stop charging
  • Do not charge Heli immediately after playing , wait for 50-10 (until the battery is not hot)
  • Heli should not be played directly after the charging, wait about 5 minutes
  • Do not play Heli until the battery runs out , better stop flying if it has not power to fly
  • If the helicopter is not played in a long time, helicopter  battery can not be empty or full, and must charging every 3 months
  • Replacement of remote battery should be at the same time


Anonymous said...

makasih infonya :)

Lagend said...

gan,ane lg nyari batre buat volitation ane...lipo 1200mah ga? Trs brp harganya..??

ijial said...

wah . . Ane udah pensiun jualan heli gan, coba maen2 ke kask*s deh, masih banyak yang jual

smp 15 tangerang said...

Gan tolong bantu ,, meski dah pensi bisa lah bantu" .

RC ane rotor bawah nya ga fungsi gan ,, ane dah bongkar tapi tetep aja gak mau fungsi , coba gan ane mau liat komponen nyaa , atau minta saran dahhh ,..


westlee christian said...

Heli ane kok gak bisa di chaz batere nya gan??? Tolong jawab

westlee christian said...

Padahal baru dapet :(

OVERacid said...

sangat mmembantu guys

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