Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hi . . I am back

It has been over a year I did not update this blog, I was carried away with new hobbies. Among others, planting crops and playing with microcontrollers and many other hobby that I've tried.

I've liked the plant since elementary school at the time I like to plant a cactus, then in junior high I like to plant bonsai. I think farming is very pleasant to spend leisure time.

My desk

Actually I've been meaning to start a hobby microcontrollers since September 2010, until I was willing to wait for pre order Arduino UNO which finally came in November. At that time I did not know what it would do with the Arduino, I just tried to upload the LED blink test, after that I put back into the box. A few months ago, precisely in April 2012, I just remembered that I have an Arduino Uno and again desire to learn.

In subsequent writings I will try to share my experience, in this case I am not an expert and I am not from electrical engineering or computer engineering, I just hobbyist, I try to learn from various sources from zero